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Bobby Castanga

A Call to Action for AB 1741 We Sponsor/Support!


 AB 1741 (Bonta) Cannabis: taxation: electronic funds transfer (EFT).

This bill, until January 1, 2022, would authorize a person licensed under MAUCRSA, whose estimated tax liability under that law averages $10,000 or more per month, to remit amounts due by a means other than electronic funds transfer.

How does this affect you?
Cannabis businesses should not be penalized for trying to comply with the tax code by making payments in cash, especially when the Federal Government has made it almost impossible for the industry to make payments any other way.

Discouraging cash payments only increases non-compliance in an industry that wants to comply with its tax obligations.

How can you help? 
Two ways:

1. Letter of support:  Letters of support are used by the authors of bills as evidence during their testimony to have a bill passed. A template letter can be found here. Put your address, logo and a signature* on it. When that is done send your letter to Mike McGuire's office ASAP .
Letter Template: 1741 Letter of Support 
His email address is:

-Timing is key: quick responses make all the difference - This bill is on the 9:30am Agenda for tomorrow
*Signatures must be hand writing or digitally signed. Typing your name will not suffice.

2. Phone Calls:  Phone calls are one of the most effective ways of reaching your representative. They receive hundreds of emails a day and can be deleted without reading them. But a phone call is harder to ignore and must be answered (because they don't always know the identity of the caller or purpose).

**If you do not know who your representative is, you can search by your address here.**

Attached is an image to that can be used to spread support of AB 1741 on social media here:

Social Media 1

CCIA is committed to helping to advance tax policies that support a compliant cannabis industry.

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