Christopher George

1st month of phone & internet free!


How much do you spend every month on your internet connection and your phone system?  If you’re like most of our clients, you’re spending a lot.  Ever wish you could get some of that money back?

As CCIA member by leveraging our free, agnostic advisory service for your telecom or internet needs you will get back a one-time credit equivalent to your first months bill with a new contract.  This credit can be used with any and all additional carrier incentives and is only available to CCIA members through ProcureAdvisor.

With over 250 partners nationwide ProcureAdvisor can quickly recommend the best providers for your specific needs and get multiple quotes.  We can also manage the installation of your new internet connection or set up your new phone system. 

A copy of your contract and most recent monthly billing statement is all we need to get started. 


Call:       916-218-7846


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