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Matthew Mayberry

Cannabis Software Provider, Trym, Launches Integrations with Argus and TrolMaster Environmental Controls Systems


Cannabis cultivators can now pair the powerful farm management, analytics, and seed-to-sale capabilities of Trym with top-tier environmental control systems.

Novato, California — January 27, 2020 Trym, a cannabis farm management and compliance software company, announced today integrations with Argus and TrolMaster environmental control systems. 

Traditionally, cannabis growers have used environmental controls as isolated systems. By tracking and linking environmental conditions to each batch of plants, Trym enables growers to see the cause-and-effect relationship between their grow conditions and resulting yields.   

"We know how important environmental data is to running a cultivation business as well as to our analytics. To ensure our customers have the highest degree of information about their operations at all times, we constructed the most flexible IoT integration I've seen in cannabis. We're now about to execute new hardware integration in hours rather than weeks, providing our customers the freedom to select the systems that make the most sense for their businesses." 

Matt Mayberry, CEO of Trym

Trym can now monitor and link Argus and TrolMaster sensor data, like temperature, humidity, and cO2, to the plant batches grown in their respective rooms or zones. In addition to environmental monitoring, cultivators can schedule employee tasks, like planting, feeding and harvesting, and review harvest analytics, all from their Trym account. Creating a customized and compliant system for cultivators to optimize and scale their business operations.  

About Trym

Founded in Novato, California in 2017, Trym is cannabis farm management software custom-built for commercial cultivators. Trym helps improve efficiency and consistency through precise environmental monitoring, customized task and batch management, and plant analytics. Trym is currently integrated with Metrc in California and Oregon, and can be used alongside compliance software in other states. To learn more, contact or visit


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