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Essence Energy LLC

Essence Energy Offers Free Power Risk and Savings Analysis to CCIA Members: Save 50%+ on Your Electricity bill and Eliminate Outages


Growers in California have suffered from a crumbling electricity infrastructure while at the same time having to pay ever escalating prices for that electricity.

Electricity is most often the single largest operating expense and historically based, unpredictable Utility service puts crops at risk.

Essence Energy, a provider of power and sustainability solutions to the Cannabis industry in California, is offering CCIA members an analysis of their operations to assess the risks and cost savings opportunities for free. This analysis usually costs $1,500 and provides a roadmap to risk minimization and cost reductions.  

We make the process simple, quick, and painless for you. Based on the information you provide, we will return with an in-depth analysis that you can use for business planning and, if appropriate, some recommendations for improvements that will guarantee your electricity 7/24/365 and reduce your electricity bill by over 50%. We provide a comprehensive solution including financing.

Essence Energy is a subsidiary of Inception Energy focused on the California Cannabis market.. Inception Energy provides the Inception Nano-Grid self-generation solution which has been proven in other markets with businesses that have similar requirements to those of cannabis growers.

We are offering this for free during an introductory period as new members of CCIA.

Contact us now to see how we can help you.

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Phone: 949-338-4734



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