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IndicaOnline Cannabis Dispensary Software


IndicaOnline Point-of-Sale Software Integrates with Metrc Reporting System

IndicaOnline is excited to announce that we have successfully completed full integration with California’s track-and-trace service provider, Franwell’s Metrc. This will allow California cannabis retailers with an annual license to automate compliance reporting. Sales and inventory reports will be sent in real-time without logging in to Metrc so retail staff can focus on making sales and running their cannabis business.

As a validated software provider, IndicaOnline has completed the required Metrc training and offers annual licensees an efficient way to manage compliance. IndicaOnline’s Metrc Integration simplifies inventory seed-to-sale tracking by allowing cannabis retailers to scan the unique identifier barcode. Once scanned, all product information is automatically added to the product profile so that it is ready for sale. No manual data entry is required and dispensary staff can view the Metrc status of every batch.

In addition to automated compliance reports, IndicaOnline notifies sales associates of purchase limits for both medical patients and recreational customers. IndicaOnline is also capable of verifying medical recommendations and validating the age of every customer before transactions are completed. We handle every aspect of cannabis compliance and continue to work directly with retailers to evolve our software with regulations that are constantly changing.

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