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Kukuza Announces Free Diagnostic to Prepare Cannabis Companies for Scaling and Growing Their Business


Kukuza Associates LLC, a cannabis-dedicated subsidiary of RoseRyan, today has introduced the Kukuza Rapid Diagnostic: a new tool that the Silicon Valley-based finance and accounting consultancy is offering for free to cannabis companies intent on reaching their potential.

Designed to rapidly assess the most important dimensions of a cannabis company’s finance and operational capabilities, the diagnostic takes two hours to complete with a Kukuza team member. And what do companies get? Critical feedback so they can handle what’s necessary for effectively scaling and growing their business.

The Kukuza Rapid Diagnostic determines if the financial foundation of the cannabis company has what’s needed to achieve future milestones and satisfy investors, by evaluating the overall systems, processes and finance function of the business. For companies facing growth issues and tough budgeting decisions, the diagnostic helps them prioritize what needs improving.

Request your free diagnostic here:  

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