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California Cannabis Business, Association Leaders Express Opposition to S.B. 1097

California Cannabis Business, Association Leaders Express Opposition to S.B. 1097

May 26, 2022

"Along with high taxes, a lack of retail, competition with California’s illicit cannabis market and a slew of various issues, cannabis businesses in the state have another thing to protest: Senate Bill 1097, the Cannabis Right to Know Act.

According to the legislative language, the bill would require a new warning label on all cannabis products starting in January 2025. The warning label would need to cover “1/3 of the front or principal face of a product … in the largest type possible for the area.” A series of warnings would be provided by the state and rotated among batches of products.

The bill is facing opposition from members of the California cannabis industry, including the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA). The CCIA issued a call to action May 25, stating its “strong opposition” to the bill.

According to the CCIA’s call to action, “The bill would add duplicative labeling requirements to cannabis products that will do very little to protect public health or undercut the illicit market, but will instead unfairly penalize legal operators who already comply with stringent labeling and childproof packaging requirements.”

Tiffany Devitt, chief of regulatory affairs at CannaCraft and vice president of the CCIA's board of directors, told CBT that industry members are concerned about how the bill, if passed, would contribute to the waste stream. She said plant-tagging requirements and packaging regulations for products such as vape cartridges already pose a negative environmental impact."

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