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$200 or lower per shop Last Mile Delivery

$200 or lower per shop Last Mile Delivery

If you are a manufacturer with a distribution license and looking for last mile distributors to perform batch pickup, picking, packing, last mile delivery, cash pickup and cash drop off, and you are tired of paying 7-10% of the invoice value try Secure Hauling.  With performing last mile deliveries for brands such as Humboldt's Finest, Moxie, and Stiiizy, Secure Hauling has built a professional reputation that we would like to take to all brands.

At $200 per shop delivery, each delivery will be allocated 18 cubic feet (enough space for a $50,000 vape order or $20,000 flower order).  An extra charge will be added of $10 for every cubic foot over 18.  Each order will be separate but can be rolled in per location (meaning if we are delivering to 2 shops and 1 is over 18 cubic feet and 1 is under, there will be no up-charge).  We also offer a 5% rate for brands with small dollar invoices.

At these rates, 2 flower orders of $40,000, a $400 charge would be 1%.  For vape would be even less.  If your average invoice is $4,000 or more, you are paying less than 5% of the invoice.  Massive savings.  If you are interested in learning more about our amazing savings and what we have to offer, email us at or give us a call at 714-552-3557

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